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  Custom packaging and labelling of Candies, Nuts,  Dried fruit, Baking ingredients and other fine foods.  Fulfilling the contracts for private label products.

  Scholtens Inc. is a family owned company whose name has been associated with candy since 1910. 

“the people at Scholtens, know their business


Scholtens Inc. does custom packaging and labeling of candies, nuts, dried fruit, baking ingredients and other fine foods.

the people at Scholtens have been packaging for generations”

Scholtens Inc. is conveniently located in Burlington Ontario, at the axis of the Golden Horseshoe. mid way between the GTA (the greater Toronto area) and the Niagara Peninsula. We are very near the junction of the QEW, Hwy 403, and Hwy 407, major highways leading in every directions. From here, we are very well positioned to serve our customers from coast to coast and beyond.
 “the people at Scholtens are well positioned to service the market from coast to coast."

 279 Sumach Drive, Burlington, ON  L7T 0B5



Scholtens Inc.’s  products include candies, nuts, dried fruit, baking ingredients and other fine foods, in a number of presentations including “value pack” cello bags,  “tie me over”® peg top bags, “seal fresh, stay fresh” tubs, and “pit stop”® handy cups. These products are  sold under various brands including  Cottage Country, Granny Appleton and numerous private labels.  All our products are packed  fresh and delivered fresh.

“the people at Scholtens  will pack and label their product to meet their customers every need”

Scholtens Inc.’s suppliers are reputable brand name producers whose products are of the highest quality.

“the people at Scholtens maintain a high standard of quality, their suppliers must meet”


Scholtens Inc.’s market includes companies operating in the private label industry, the corporate packaging industry, the contract packaging industry, the custom packaging industry, the specialty marketing industry, fundraising industry.

 Products we pack are available wherever finer quality candies, nuts, dried fruit, baking ingredients and other fine foods are sold.

the people at Scholtens will provide all markets with it’s product for their many specific applications”

Scholtens Inc.’s customers are grocery, confectionery, snack and food wholesalers, retailers, distributors, vendors and marketing companies. We are the exclusive packager for the Cottage Country brand, Granny Appleton Pantry Foods, Granny Appleton brand, and many other corporate brands and private labels, for whom we do contract packaging. Our customers for whom we’ve packaged their private label brands include, IGA, Food Land, Food Town, Good Neighbour Stores, Candy Safari, Oh Canada Canadian Sweets, Zarky’s Fine Food, Buck or Two, Ontario Parks, and many independents. 

“the people at Scholtens provide quality products to the customers in the package and label of their choice"


Scholtens Inc.’s wide range of bulk products are pre-packaged to offer our customers a wide variety of product presentations.

Our products offer the retailer the benefits of bulk sales and the convenience of packaged goods, in packs that meet their customers every need, all under the brand label of their choice.

Our products offer the consumer a wide range of products in a variety of packs. All our products are of brand name quality, at everyday value prices.  

Our products meet the expectation of today’s health conscious consumer.

Our products are portion packed to meet the needs of vendors and food service providers.

Our products are custom packed and labelled for fund raising and special events.


Our mission is to meet our customers packaging needs and exceed their expectation.

“the people at Scholtens strive to do it right every time"

Our vision is to be the leader in the industry, setting ever higher standards.
“the people at Scholtens want to be the best”

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